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Shop4Charity joins with individuals, causes and brands to seek, share, and advance solutions to make significant impact in the world.

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Together, we can make a difference!

Each year our sweepstakes programs raise funds and awareness for important causes across Canada. By giving our supporters a chance to win incredible prizes, we empower Canadians to make a difference.

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With the help of our loyal supporters, Shop4Charity has raised over $1 MILLION to date for breast cancer charities across Canada.

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Our Programs

Cash & Coupon Sweepstakes

The Cash & Coupon Sweepstakes is designed to help our loyal supporters save money, while supporting breast cancer charities across Canada. Every Purchase is an entry in our sweepstakes for an opportunity to win 100 daily prizes up to $10,000 and a chance at the $10 MILLION Beach Ball Draw! Learn More

2018 Calendar Sweepstakes

Each fall for the past 5 years Shop4Charity has run the Calendar Sweepstakes program in Support of Breast Cancer Charities across Canada. Our sweepstakes program gives our local supporters the opportunity to win cash, trips and car prizes all year long! Learn More

Empowering causes, brands and future-focused individuals to have significant impact on the world’s biggest social challenges.


"I couldn't believe that I won the weekly $10,000 prize. The staff were professional and very forthcoming with details surrounding the win and I was very pleased to receive my cheque in the mail a few weeks later. I have told all my friends and family to purchase this calendar next year because now they know someone who actually did win!"

Tracey S.
99 Day Calendar Sweepstakes - $10,000 Weekly Winner

"Thanks for helping with our amazing vacation! This experience was amazing right from the first ring of my phone. I only took half of my winnings and split the other half with my mom, my mother-in-law, and my friend, who herself had just beaten breast cancer and was the reason for my original purchase. It felt great winning the money, it felt better sharing it with everyone."

Tracey S.
99 Day Calendar Sweepstakes - $10,000 Super Calendar Winner

"I'm not rich but I always save for my yearly calendars, it's a goal. Thank you for everything you do, I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor and without you and many, many others, I would not be here to tell my story."

Louella H.
99 Day Calendar Sweepstakes - $10,000 Super Calendar Winner

“I never thought this would happen to me! What a wonderful surprise when Shop4Charity called me with the exciting news! Being on a fixed income doesn’t allow for many extras… however now I’ll be able to treat myself to something special and clear out a few bills. Thank you Shop4Charity! I can’t wait for the next chance to support breast cancer and hopefully be a winner!”

Pauline Puff.
99 Day Calendar Sweepstakes - $10,000 Super Calendar Winner

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