Step 1:

When you purchase a calendar, all sweepstakes draw codes will be entered under your name, but you can gift them to friends and family as you choose. You can gift a sweepstakes draw code with or without gifting a physical calendar. If you are gifting a physical calendar, there is a “To/From” section on the back as well.

Step 2:

Your order will include a Gift Tracker, to keep track of draw codes that you want to give out, and a Gift Certificate to provide to giftees in place of a calendar if needed (orders will often come with more draw codes than calendars).

Step 3:

All eligible winners will be posted here. To check if you or one of your giftees is eligible for a prize, enter YOUR name or draw code into the Search box. You or your giftee must contact Shop4Charity within 180 days of posting to claim the prize.

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